Rock Sawing & Hammer Excavation

Evton Excavations, Civil and Demolition has a variety of Rock Saws and hammers which provide fast, efficient and precise cuts in rock and concrete.  Detail excavation using our hammers and saws creates smooth, safe walls with very little noise or vibration.  Less noise and vibration makes our hammers and saws ideal for operation in heritage or sensitive areas.

Our rock saw and hammer attachments fit quickly onto our excavators and come in a variety of blade diameters and cut widths and sizes to suit your individual needs.

Rock sawing and hammer excavation requires experienced operators and the right equipment. Our rock cutting, rock sawing and hammer machinery is fully maintained and ready for any job. At Evton Excavations, Civil and Demolition our specialty is difficult jobs. Our experience and knowledge means we can complete jobs that others often can’t. We never compromise on quality and safety and will consult carefully with you to ensure that your project is a success. We can offer rock sawing, rock grinding and hammers for jobs large and small. We aim for superior customer service at every step of the way, and will make sure your job is done to your exact requirements. Evton are rock sawing and hammer experts with experience in all kinds of projects.