Detailed Excavation

A solid foundation is essential when building. Leveling a site is a part of the preparation for the foundation work. We can service your detailed excavation from leveling the ground until you are ready to pour your footings. Many different types of foundation are used in today’s constructions. Such types can be strip footings, pad footings, soldier piers or even drilled piers. Evton Excavations, Civil and Demolition has the right sized machines and the attachments to dig trenches from 200mm wide and up, and drill piers from 300mm to 900mm, and up to 9 meters deep. And with a range of machines from 1.5 tonnes up to 36 tonnes, no job is too small or too big.

Detailed Excavation a crucial part of many construction projects, detailed excavation needs to be done by someone with experience and skill. Our team has years of experience and specialise in detailed excavations. Evton and our operators have the experience, skill and equipment to complete your detailed excavation to your exact specifications.